Quality sourcing=Quality recruitment

We don't believe in flooding your inbox with unnecessary resumes to waste your time. So for a particular JD, you may just receive 3-5 CV's from us but they would be highly likely for closure because of the thorough attention to detail that we give to each particular profile & multiple rounds of screening done with the candidate at our end.

Strong research and competition mapping

We research about you, your competitors, JDs and interact with your business people in depth if required in order to gain a clarity about the requirement and preferences if any.

Effective engagement with our clients

We believe that our eyes and ears to your company goes through the SPOC/ HR provided by you. Engaging with that person and knowing 360 degree abt your company, its culture, requirements, expectations etc plays an intrinsic and crucial role in aptly closing your requirement.

Efficient recruiters

We invest a lot of time in training our recruiters and giving them practical exposure so that they understand your requirements carefully and source the right match; The message is clear- “you can't afford to mis-hire", hence we take every important step in ensuring that our recruiters source the right fit for you.

Quick TAT (Turnaround time)

We usually source the best resumes and send it to you within 1-2 days thus resulting in a shorter TAT.